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“This is Mr. Edson.  Feed My Sheep has paid the rent on the old building that the orphanage was in for Edson to move his school into.  He had been conducting school under a braided palm branch leanto.  He had been asking FMS to help and now with the orphanage in their new building, we saw this as a blessing but had to secure the building.  The rent here is $1,200 a year.  We need sponsors for class, church or several sponsors joining together to pay the rent on a yearly basis.  Edson also needs more bench/tables for the school.  FMS will most likely be putting several of our sponsored kids in his school next school year.  Edson is a good Christian man and worthy of assistance.

Marios classroom under tarp

October 2015 – Marios classroom on the backside of building that is under tarps. Needless to say, if it rains the kids here have to run home.

Marios upstairs room

October 2015 – Mario has started a room upstairs and is unable to finish so these kids can learn inside a room. Apprx. cost to finish doors windows and stairs to go up. $3,000.00

School in Piat 1

School in Piat 1

School in Piat 2

School in Piat 2

Help sponsor a mission school that is struggling with finances. This will cover the teachers’ salaries and keep it afloat instead of it being sporadic for the kids.

Request 1/31/2013:
This is Pst. Cherisma’s new school in the mountain village of Piat. Many of you know that this is a very poor area. Many of the kids there never had the opportunity to go to school. If they were fortunate enough to be able to go, they had to walk down the mountain 7 miles to go a school in town. Cherisma had the vision to start a school and he did. He now has 80 kids. Keep in mind; he is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, knowing that they cannot pay tuitions. The teachers as well work as volunteers. Knowing that the teachers should get paid for their work, we would love to have sponsors for this school which would pay the teachers’ salaries. This could be a church, S.S. Class, a family, etc. $125.00 U.S. would cover this cost. Send checks to….. Feed My Sheep P.O. Box 341 Bell, Fl. 32619 and earmark it Cherisma’s new school.

Sylvio's school

Sylvio’s school

Sylvio's school, learning

Sylvio’s school, learning

Outside Sylvio's school

Outside Sylvio’s school

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