Project: Ramon’s House

Ramon’s House

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Ramone's house

Ramone’s house

Praise the Lord! Mdm Ramone

Praise the Lord! Mdm Ramone

Updated: July 2014
**We prayed for the funds to finish the house for Ramone and Mdm. Ramone. St. Pauls UM from Brick, NJ started raising funds to finish their house during their Haiti trip. 2 weeks before they were to arrive the big truck parked in a yard above Ramones house (add pic crashed into their house) popped out of gear, rolled down the hill towards their house and hit and killed Mdm Ramone. Ramone was at the market and with his wife being blind didn’t even know it was coming. We miss her terribly. The St. Pauls team managed to finish the front part of the house and put a finish on it. With the damage on the back of the house, it was going to take much more money. Thank you St. Pauls UM.

Truck into Ramone's house

Truck into Ramone’s house

Ramone and Mdm

Ramone and Mdm

Ramone's house destroyed by earthquake

Ramone’s house destroyed by earthquake

Request 1/31/2013:
This is Ramon and Mdm. Ramon. Many of you have met them and know that they are a wonderful Christian couple. They are so sweet. Mdm. Ramon is totally blind and Ramon is blind in one eye. So, between the two of them, they have one good eye. In spite of their plight, they love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul. They walk all over this village to church services, the market, and before the Prayer Mountain Church was destroyed in the earthquake and recent hurricanes, they would walk that narrow path up that mountain to pray. The back portion of their home was destroyed in the earthquake. We would really love to have enough donations, to repair/rebuild this part for them. We estimate $2,500 U.S. will do it. Please let us know if you would like to help. You can send your donation to Feed My Sheep P.O. Box 341 Bell, Fla. 32619 and earmark it Ramon’s house.