Get Involved

Get Involved with Feed My Sheep Ministries in Montrouis, Haiti!

You can serve with prayer, financially and with your presence.  When people come and see, they are a huge asset to us state side.  They go home excited and on fire and they in turn encourage others to come and/or help Feed My Sheep. Click the COME page link to view our mission house and accommodations, and photos of  teams who have already been blessed by their time here with us. Be sure to read the Testimonials on the HOME page.

Here are ways you can get involved today:


Get involved today by coming to Montrouis, Haiti, with a Team on a Mission Trip.

[link -COME page]


Feed My Sheep Ministries covets your prayers. There are many prayer needs at Feed My Sheep Ministries.

[link -PRAY page]


Get involved by making a DONATION, or by giving to our special projects, like sponsoring a child, sponsoring a church, or any of the other financial needs.

[link -GIVE page]