4/10/2023: This is TiFrom, Many of you know her. She washed our clothes and many of our guests clothes while in Haiti at FMS. The gangs of Haiti are now focusing on our village of Montrouis and are burning homes. They targeted TiFroms house. She has lost everything. She wants to rebuild, as soon as its safe. Any financial help would be most appreciated at this time.

8/30/2021: Edson’s school. We need monthly sponsors for this school to help cover the teachers payroll.  Edson is a good Christian man that wants to help the children of Haiti receive an education and does not PUSH for the kids to pay tuition.  However, he will get himself into a bind with teachers salaries and they stop coming to work. 
8/30/2021: Garrie’s school is in need of more school benches at $100 each as his school population has increased.  He also needs more support for his food program so he can feed them a lunch every day.  These are the poorest of the poor and he DOES NOT charge these kids any tuition at all.
Donation can be made using the QR Code.


4/30/2023: We want to thank everyone who has prayed for Wood and his VIsa situation. We hired an Immigration Attorney and she did a great job filing all the correct paperwork and in March of 2023 his Visa status was approved for Temporary Protective Status. PTL! This gave him a for work only social security number, enabled him to get his drivers permit and God gave us a great deal on a good used car. Wood has been on the A/B honor roll for his Jr. and Sr. year and will be receiving a few scholarships. He has been on the JV basketball team and track in his Jr. year and Soccer and track in his Sr. year. He has done well in all of these sports. Wood has seems to break down any racial or prejudices everywhere he goes. We are so very proud of Wood and the accomplishments he has made while overcoming the obstacles in front of him. All of his schooling prior to his Jr. year was in French curriculum and now he had it all in English. While he spoke good Englis, reading and comprehension could have been a problem.

8/30/2021: PRAISE REPORT! Dear Friends and Partners of Feed My Sheep: Thank you to all who contributed to Junior and Garden Hope of Children Orphanage to have water on the property. (Junior used to spend $140 a month to have water trucked to them.) We hired a professional well driller and they could not drill because the ground was too hard.  Junior talked with the organization that has tied into the fresh water that comes out of the mountain above his place.  A deal was made to tie into the existing pipeline and now they have good fresh water coming to the orphanage.  They have this concrete reservoir as well as a large 600 gallon tank to be filled to water their garden. 

Feed My Sheep Promotional Video:

A “GiveSendGo” site was created to raise money for a new orphanage. A couple from NJ felt directed by God to raise funds for one of the orphanages FMS helps sponsor.  There are nearly 40 kids in a building that should only house maybe 15 – 20.  They have been joined by a large church in Ca. that is helping as well. Click the link here … https://www.givesendgo.com/goh

**Update: Dr. Boltes Clinic in Piate’ – Solar Power is now COMPLETED! Praise God! A group from Good Shepard Presbyterian Church in California spearheaded this project and God supplied the need.


New Mission House JULY 2019


Feed My Sheep Ministries in Haiti is a Christian 501(3)c non-profit ministry designed to empower the people of Haiti not only with the knowledge and vocational skills needed to support their families and keep them healthy, but Feed My Sheep Ministries is also in Haiti to empower its people with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Our primary goal in this ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ, teaching others to become disciples of Him in their own land.

Room and Board increased from $30 PER DAY to $40 PER DAY. Room and Board covers a BIG breakfast and lunch and a lite supper. It also includes transportation to and from the airport and local running around.”


haiti_world map

Read what others have to say about their own mission trip to Haiti. (Click the links at the end of each entry to read the rest of these testimonials.)

From the Martins – Our hearts hurt along with you for all that is happening in Haiti including Montrouis. I keep trying to imagine the flood of people that are there….I thought it was crowded when we were there! We are also praying for the people we know by name from FMS and from the village. [link –Martins letter 2010 02 (PDF)]

From the Wingerts – I feel as though we know you even though we’ve never met. Now that things for us have quieted down a bit, I want to thank you for all you did for our son, Ben, and the rest of the guys while they were with you during the life-changing events in Haiti. [link –Wingert testimony 20100208 (PDF)]

By Aaron Hart – Arriving in Haiti was exhilarating and something I’ve never experienced before. I acknowledge all of these emotions due to circumstances of such a foreign world. Yet I could not help but be smothered by the sights, sounds and smells that had never before come to my senses. [link –Testimony of Aaron Hart (PDF)]

By Kimberly Felmey, Ed. D. – On November 10, 2008, I set out on my first Mission Trip to Haiti flying from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Port au Prince. As I flew over Haiti for the first time in my life, I was so affected by the beauty of the mountains, greenery, and the Caribbean. One would actually think they were flying to a tropical paradise, rather than the poorest country in the entire world. [link –Testimony of Kimberly Felmey Politano (PDF)]

Leah Bomberger has visited Haiti with a team from Pa. Jan. of 08 and 09 and came back for 10 days in May. She has great vision and is a great asset to Haiti and FMS. She has plans to return and work with us for 3 months and we are looking forward to her help and energy. [link –20090801_Dusty_Foot_Newsletter (PDF)]

By Wesley Krames – December 2013 –  Dear Richard and Beverly,  Jamie and I believe that our trip to Haiti was some of the best time in our lives. Being able to serve God in that kind of capacity was an unforgettable experience. God has used your ministry in so many ways that have saved so many lives. [link –2013-12-testimonial-from-Wesley-Krames (PDF)]

Renauld's orphanage
Renauld’s orphanage
Kids Against Hunger
Kids Against Hunger
Handing out trees
Handing out trees

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