Church: Roland Canges

8/30/2021: A thank you to all who have contributed to the completion of the church/clinic, funds for supplies.  This clinic is still in need of funds to complete the supply part of it and would appreciate any monthly support towards employee salaries while it is in the infant stages and growing.

UPDATE: 4/30/2023: In order for there to be a full time clinic here, they need more supplies and machines. The estimated costs of all items needed is between $8 – $10,000.00. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated and much needed. Thank you.

“This is Roland’s Church/Bible School/Clinic Building.  We added this upstairs in order to have a medical clinic.  Feed My Sheep has put several of Roland’s children through medical training, and his oldest daughter, Rebecca, has been conducting a part time clinic here and works full time at a clinic here in the village.  We’ve heard this past week that the clinic where she works is in the process of closing down.  While the building is complete at this point, it still lacks fixtures and medical equipment to be able to set up a full time clinic there.  We’re in the hopes we can acquire $8,000-$10,000 more to open this clinic full time.

Roland’s youngest daughter is currently in Dental School AND we need a sponsor for her, or several sponsors.  $200 a month is her tuition.  Her name is Rachael.