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GHOC Equipment Needs


GHOC solar panelsGHOC orphanage is in great need of electric.  With 29 children they have to get up very early to start the process of getting ready for school.  The cook should be showing up by 4 – 4:30 to start the preparation of breakfast.  Needless to say, this time of morning, it is VERY dark.

We are listing the cost of getting a small Solar System in place for the orphanage.

Solar Panels = $600.00

GHOC Inverter, batteries and controller

Invertor Batteries (bottom of Pic) = $700.00 (including cables.)

Invertor (upper part of Pic) = $500

Charge Controller (not pictured) =  $500

Garden Hope of Children Staff



Garden of Hope Orphanage is run by Junior Belzince. He has been involved with this orphanage since its conception nearly 10 years ago. Approximately 1 ½ years ago the director abandoned the orphanage and children and Junior stepped up and tried to place all the children and feed them. Junior lives in our local neighborhood and has a tremendous heart for the kids.

For a year Junior had the children in a house in Archia, nearly 30 minutes south. He’d asked Feed My Sheep for help as he had exhausted all his avenues for credit to feed them. We didn’t have very much “spare” money but, we helped where we could.

We began introducing our teams to Junior and the children. They first team fell in love with the children and raised enough money to pay rent on a large house here in Montrouis for 2 years and its right in our neighborhood and right outside our mission house gate.

This team, along with several others have met Junior and the children and fallen in love with them. They, along with Feed My Sheep are working hard at getting these children sponsored.

If we could get donations equaling $500.00 that would be of great help.  It could come in many $25 sponsors, or more per person if you would like.  Just make sure to MEMO the check for GHOC Staff Pay and if paying with the Paypal link, make sure you list it somewhere what it is for so it can be used as designated.

GHOC Staff 1

Mona, Siliana, & Marieange

These are of the workers at Garden Hope of Children Orphanage.  Most all of the children are sponsored and there is money coming in for food semi regularly, but now he needs to be able to pay the people that help him care for the children. Keep in mind that there are 30 children at this orphanage now.  The old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” holds true here.

From left to right are: Left: Mona Parezon – she washes clothes and bathes the children and what ever else is needed
Middle: Siliana Sortune – She washes, helps with the children and stays at the orphanage at night to be with the “girls”. Right: Marieange Charle: Washes, bathes the children and other chores.

GHOC Staff 2

Marithe Mertulis

Here is the main cook.  Marithe Mertulis: She is mostly the cook and cleans up from lunch.  This is a big job since it’s done outside, on charcoal and for approx. 37 people.

GHOC Staff 3

Marie Charles

This is Marie Charles: She does most of the market shopping and helps the cook clean up after meals.

Garden Hope of Children Orphanage

March 2020;

These are the current needs for GHOC Orphanage:

  1. A well.  This will cost approximately $7,000.  FMS has already brought in the submersible pump needed for this project.
  2. Replacements are larger electrical system.  During the move to the new building, a couple of the solar panels were damaged and no longer usable.  He only has 4 batteries.  To have an adequate system, with the larger facility, he needs between 8 – 12 (total) batteries at the cost of $150 each.  He will also need more solar panels at a cost of approx. $2,000.
  3. He needs 2-3 more tables so all the children can sit at a table when eating.
  4. We still need a sponsor(s) for Yamens salary.  He is like Juniors “second”.  He is security and helps keep the children in line and on task.  FMS has been paying this salary of $150 a month for about 2  years out of our general funds.  It could also be done as several sponsors joining together for this.
  5. Junior, the staff and the children seem to be taking good care of their new home.  On all our surprise visits, the facility was clean, organized.

Deliver The Difference Rice Meal

Deliver the Difference Rice Meal

Deliver the Difference Rice Meal

We do have a couple who is blessing Garden of Hope with a ton of Deliver The Difference fortified rice every 3 months, but no one wants to eat rice every meal.

From the link below, please view photos of the children and copy names to paste into the PayPal link below.  Some children are already fully sponsored, some partially and some not at all.

Children: (Click for Orphanage Photo Gallery)

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Jrs. kitchen. hopeful

Garden Hope of Children Orphanage kitchen structure .  It needs to be enclosed to secure supplies and keep rain completely out.  Cost to complete is Apprx. $1,500.00.  Junior, the owner would also like to convert to cooking with propane instead of charcoal. That cost would be apprx. $1,000.00 to get converted.

Garden of Hope in Uniforms
New School Uniforms

Jimmy and friends in front of bathroomBathroom nearly complete

The young man in the middle, Jimmy Papperman from NJ was earning his Eagle Scout Badge and wanted to do a building project here in Haiti, where he’d been before and developed a heart for the needs of the people here. Garden Hope of Children Orphanage was in desperate need of a Shower/Bathroom and he raised the funds to build this big room on the roof. Way to go Jimmy and friends.