Project: 50 lb. Rice or Beans

50 lb. Rice or Beans

– 50 lb sack of Rice or Beans (please email us FIRST to check the going price)

 $50.00 donation

50 lb. Bag of Rice

50 lb. Bag of Rice

This young man came in Jan. for his second visit and had been praying that God use him.  One week before he came in he was at a Wed. night prayer meeting and he felt God telling him to put in the offering all he had and that He would mulitply it.  Within a week of him coming, (which he’d spoken in several venues about coming again to Haiti and the need for food for the kids) people just started coming up to him handing him cash for his trip.  In a week, he’d been given $6,000 to buy rice and beans.  Such a wonderful story.