Our Mission


Since 1998 Feed My Sheep has been a non profit ministry in Haiti. We are actively working hand in hand with the Haitians in vocational and agricultural training, and sponsoring academic schools and lunch programs. Feed My Sheep also hosts American teams with special skills which they can share and/or teach to the Haitians, (this includes every type of medical team and those with vocational skills that could be utilized in Haiti).

Our first and foremost goal is to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and share the plan of salvation with the Haitians. For this reason, we desire that all our teams place God first in all of our projects. Several American teams come as “Vision Seekers”. These are Christians who simply want to share Christian Love, share the Gospel and see the needs first hand. Haiti is rated as the poorest nation in the world, and we need your prayers, support and, if possible, your presence. While in the U.S., we have a power point picture presentation to share in churches and with groups. While in Haiti, we have a mission base that easily accommodates 20 guests and more if necessary. Every one who has come has agreed, “ a visit to Haiti is a life changing experience.”

Many missionaries focus on charity, but we focus on education and training that produces prosperity with God given dignity rather than producing beggars. We try to implement jobs through teaching and training so as to empower the Haitian people. This type of ministry continues to go on long after we’re gone. God continues to bless us and He keeps us safe in this ministry and we pray He will bless our supporters, too. For more information, please feel free to call or email us.

Blessed and Thankful,
Richard and Beverly Felmey, and Wood