Project: Smiths Extended Family

Smiths Family extended

Smiths Extended Family, Nov. 2015

This is Smith, our #1 man and head of Security. Those that have met him certainly know how blessed FMS is to have this man working with us. Smith is respected in our community. He has a wife and 3 children of his own. Smith has a very big heart for children and has taken in 6 kids that would be on their own had he not. We have all but 2 of the children sponsored for school but he also has the worry of feeding the extra mouths. If any one would like to help the family out by sponsoring a “Foster Care” of $25 a month per child this would be a great help to Smith and his wife to buy the extra food so the children can eat regularly.


The Smiths left are standing in the two unfinished rooms of his house. The boys sleep on a chunk of carpet on the floor in the front room with Smith and his wife. The girls sleep in the back room on the floor. As you can see in this picture, Smith is desperately trying to add on to his house. There are two room started and he needs funding to finish this as well. Imagine –  11 people living in 2 rooms.